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At the begining of the XVIII century, the Micmac indians identified our municipality's territory as "Gesgapegiag", meaning "river forming a large body of strong flowing water ", identifying in this manner the magnificient Grande Cascapedia and Petite Cascapedia rivers. Both rivers being of international reputation for their high class salmon fishing.

It was on July 1, 1855 that the government of Lower Canada legalized the municipality of New Richmond at the same time as many others in Quebec, by a law which is still used today and on December 13, 1969 New Richmond obtained the status of City.

The specific geographical features have influenced the cultural development of the multiethnic population of New Richmond. The first inhabitants were Acadian. There were 38 of them. In 1760, soldiers of Wolfe's army established themselves in New Richmond. In 1784, Loyalist supporters arrived in great numbers and not long after, several Scottish, Irish and Jersey families, thus the municipality became Anglophone. The population of New Richmond is currently 80% Francophone and 20 % Anglophone

For many years, New Richmond has been considered as an industrial town thanks to several saw mill installations and today the city has become the commercial axis of la Baie-des-Chaleurs with more than 200 businesses.

Located between the sea and the mountains, New Richmond has also become a tourist destination of choice for enthusiasts of the outdoors, culture and history. Discover the Gaspésian Village of the British Heritage Museum, that tells the story of the history of the first Loyalist supporters, benefit from the activities offered at Taylor's Point park located at the mouth of the Petite river Cascapédia and the Baie-des-Chaleurs or even come to live Gaspésie in winter while skiing on the slopes of the Pin Rouge Ski Center, which has the 6th largest peaks in Quebec.

New Richmond also offers diversified restaurants and lodging establishments. Gastronomy, home cooking, hotels, inns, camp-sites and country cottages are offered to you accompanied by the cordial service of our local people. Also take advantage of the New Richmond's public market, open on Saturdays during the summer, to sample the Gaspesian agro-alimentary and artistic products.

To obtain additional information about the city of New Richmond, its attractions, its activities and the services offered, we are pleased to offer a bilingual service in order to send you all the necessary information to plan a stay or concerning the municipal services at your disposal.

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