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Located in eastern Quebec, 85 Km from New Brunswick on the southern coast of the Gaspe peninsula directly on the "Baie des Chaleurs", the town of New Richmond offers many attractions in the heart of a population of 25,000 spread out across a range of 30 Km around town. The main business center of the area, New Richmond has 4,000 residents itself, all of whom benefit from living in a beautiful environment where business and quality outdoor endeavors abound.

You are not moving away by relocating to New Richmond, as a matter of fact, you will be closer to certain markets, namely New England. However you look at it, you will find advantages prized by both your business and employees alike here.

If Percé lends itself as the favorite tourist destination on the Gaspe peninsula, New Richmond is THE business activity center of the peninsula with 248 places of business generating over 500 million dollars gross revenue.

In New Richmond, things are moving ahead. Let yourself be taken away by the strengths and assets of our living environment.

General aspects

Surface area :
The town of New Richmond covers a surface area of 168.8 square kilometers on the north shore of the Baie des Chaleurs.

Population : 3 834  
By age groups : 0-14 18 %
  15-24 12 %
  25-44 27 %
  45-66 28 %
  65 et + 14 %
Median age: 40.3  
Mother tongue: 80 % French
  17 % English
  3 % Other
Active labour force : 1 850 People
Primary sector : 8 %  
Secondary sector : 22 %  
Tertiary sector : 70 %  

Life in New Richmond

Property taxes : : Taxes foncières:
1,6777 per 100 $ of evaluation

Business taxes :
Calculated on the rental value of the establishment at the rate of 2.39%

Aqueduct and sewage special tax :

0.3727 $ per 100 $ of evaluation

School tax :
0.35 $ per 100 $ of evaluation

Strategic development action plan :

0.13 $ per 100 $ of evaluation


Appartments average price 4 1/2 450 $/month
Single family housing average price 64 820 $


New Richmond is located :
  • 92 km from Campbellton (N.B.)
  • 240 Km from Gaspé
  • 290 Km from Rimouski
  • 549 Km from Portland (E.U.)
  • 565 Km from Québec
  • 850 Km from Montréal
  • 1120 Km from Boston (E.U.)


Roadways :
  • National highway : 10 and 20
  • Main roads: 132 et 299
Air :
  • Bonaventure airport (38 Km)
  • Mont-Joli airport (250 Km)
  • Charlo N.B. airport (125 Km)
Rail :
  • Via Rail Canada
  • Schedule : Monday, Thursay, Saturday
Bus :
  • Orleans Express


Seasons Averages
Summer June to August 17° C
Fall September to Novembre 6° C 
Winter December to February 10° C 
Spring March to May 7° C

Family and education services

Daycare and education

  French speaking English speaking
Daycare 1
Daycare (family) 7 1
Elementary school 1 1
Secondary school Carleton/ New Richmond Bonaventure/ New Richmond
CÉGEP (4) Carleton
University Rimouski  


  • Hospital (Maria)
  • CLSC (Caplan)
  • Medical clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy clinic
  • Veterinarian clinic
  • Dental clinic
  • Denturology clinic
  • Chiropratic clinic
  • Optometry clinic
  • Iridology clinic
  • Podiatry clinic
  • Retirement home

Local ressources

A quick glance at the economic landscape

Amidst the heart of the Baie-des-Chaleurs, right in the center of an area spanning two Municipal Regional Counties (M.R.C.) Avignon and Bonaventure. New Richmond offers entrepreneurs and future investors all the necessary tools to succeed. One of our strengths resides in the exceptional solidarity characterising it's business environment, allowing profitable exchanges of knowledge and expertise

Equipped with a diversified economic base, it is the ideal place for those looking for a stimulating and dynamic environment to establish themselves. New Richmond can boast of being at the same time an industrial, commercial and touristic town. Important industrial and services centre, considered the hub of the Baie-des-Chaleurs, the town of New Richmond is equipped with an industrial park of 2.5 million square feet capable of hosting sizeable development.

The town of New Richmond is an important professional services center. As such, a range of services (accountants, attorneys, notaries, architects) are available in town for businesses. Furthermore, a wide range of governmental and para-governmental services are established here.

Municipal services

Town council : 1 mayor, 6 councilors
Police : 20 provincial police officers
Fire Department : 24 firemen
Other services : Technical services, town planning, computers, public relations, economic development, etc.


Other services : 

  Financial institutions
  • Chartered banks
  • Caisse populaire
  • Citi-Financial

Governmental services

Several governmental services, federal and provincial, are established in New Richmond :
Services for businesses
  • General contractor;
  • Commercial and residential building contractors;
  • Freight transport companies;
  • Accounting firms;
  • Civil engineering firm;
  • Survey, appraisal;
  • Land surveyor;
  • Attorneys offices;
  • Notaries offices;
  • Insurance offices;
  • Estimate services;
  • Bailiff;
  • Management consulting services;
  • Communication firms;
  • Printing;
  • Specialized computer services.

Culture, sports et leisure

New Richmond is a true to form attraction center, a maelstrom of outdoors activities. The people who chose to live in this region first appreciate the extraordinary quality of living prevalent in this landscape readu for all kinds of adventures. North, the peaks of the Chic-Chocs mountain chain offer a remarquable panorama. South, the sea with an infinite horizon, salty air aplenty like nowhere else in Quebec. New Richmond will surprise you with the richness of its habitat half rural, half urban. Here, you will feel on holidays all year long !


  • Public library;
  • Show hall (660 seats);
  • Cinema ;
  • Art gallery.
  • Courses : arts an crafts, at the community center (painting, potery, crafts, etc.);
  • Reading : Public library
  • Song : choirs« Clef de Sol » and « Tourelou »;
  • Cinema : two movie presentations every week at the show hall;
  • Theater.

Sports et loisirs

  • Petite-Cascapedia Regional Park, with its Alpine ski center (Pin Rouge: 445m), lodging, activities etc.;
  • Jean-Marie-Jobin sports complex;
  • Football field;
  • Base-ball field;
  • Tennis courts, volley-ball, basket-ball;
  • Pool;
  • Arena;
  • Bowling;
  • Cross country skiing trails;
  • Outfitters, fishing camps, hiking trails, walking paths;
  • 2 golf course (within 30 Km).

Activities :

  • Hockey, figure skating : 2 000 person capacity arena;
  • Alpine skiing: Pin Rouge alpine skiing center offering thirteen (13) runs, snowboarding, telemark. Cross country skiing and inner tubes slides on snow;
  • Cross country skiing : trails right in the middle of town;
  • Snowmobiling : trails around the peninsula linked to the « Trans-Québec » (#5);
  • Swimming : piscine intérieure semi-olympique aquatique (25 mètres);
  • Track & field: 400 metres track, and field;
  • Tennis : 4 paved and lighted courts;
  • Hunting & fishing : immense hunting grounds for small and large game, with lakes and world recknown rivers ending in the Baie-des-Chaleurs offering mutliple species capture and observation possibilities;
  • Tourism complex : walking paths, moutain bike trails, camping, brook trout fishing, bow and arrows , orienteering;
  • Soft-ball;
  • Sailing : full service marina ( no fuel), windsurfing on the Baie des Chaleurs, Quebec sailing deferatio sanctioned school in Carleton;
  • Bowling : eight ( 8) alleys, bar service and pool tables ;
  • Trans-Gaspésien Moutain bike raid;
  • Chistmas on the Gaspe peninsula;
  • Gymnastics : « Le Bois-Vivant school» and New Richmond High School » gymnasium access;
  • Scuba diving;
  • Football : Junior scholar league team «le Carcajou»;
  • Canoe and kayak : rentals, water access.


The Baie des Chaleurs is protected from the strong winds and is favored by a micro-climate quite suitable for outdoors activities in general. It is then normal to witness more and more tourists making it their destination.

Lodging and restaurants :

• 10 restaurants;
• 2 hotels;
• 2 motels;
• 3 inns;
• 5 bed and breakfast;
• 6 bars.

Tourism attractions :

  • Gaspesian British Heritage Village;
  • Petite Cascapedia ZEC;
  • Baie-des-Chaleurs Auto Rally; www.rallyebdc.com
  • Circuit RPM;
  • Grande and Petite Cascapedia : salmon fishing.
  • Taylor's Point Park, it's :
    o The Desjardins path, 1.5 km long, welcomes inline skaters, walkers and cyclists;
    o Canoe and kayak locations services;
    o Pic-Nic areas;
    o Children play area, and obstacle trail for older kids;
    o Small craft docking area;
    o Beach;
    o Brid watching stations;
    o Trout and ice fishing possibilities in season.
  • Lacs Robidoux Outfitters;
  • Camp Brûlé;
  • Marina;
  • Petite-Cascapedia regional park;
  • Rotary-Cascapedia walking and cycling trail.

New Richmond a place of business

New Richmond, it more then 248 businesses and organisations of whcih 150 belong in the retail and wholesale sector that generate more then 500 millions dollars annually.

Combined with a very dynamic and unique professional services sector in the gaspe peninsula region, this commercial vitality pulls towards New Richmond, an expending regional clientele.

A downtown area that revolves around the hub created by the Carrefour Baie-des-Chaleurs (IGA, Caisse Populaire, Rossy store) and various activities animated by the SDC ( business owners group ), a strong vitaly indicator, in lieu of an invitation for those who would « do business » on the Gaspe.

You want to grow your business on the Gapse peninsula?

New Richmond is the ideal town...

  • New Richmond is aiming at the furure and has a 5 year strategic development plan;
  • New Richmond is at the crossroads of all the roads going to Rimouski, Gaspé, Murdochville and Campbellton;
  • New Richmond has reckown industrial, commercial and touristim attraction potential;
  • New Richmond hosts the head offices of several businesses and organisations operating all over the peninsula;
  • New Richmond is well established at the heart of the Baie-des-Chaleurs and can easily offer service all the Gaspe and the north of Nouveau-Brunswick.